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  • Matthew Price, PhD

    Matthew Price, PhD

    Media Psychologist, Responsible Innovation advocate, Privacy, Equity, Ethics and Safety in emerging technology sectors. Ask me about XR.

  • Kelli Steckler

    Kelli Steckler

    Kelli Steckler is the founder of The Well Well, as well as a mental health and wellness advocate, esp in sobriety and trauma.

  • Aziza Azura

    Aziza Azura

    I write, I sing and I dance. Passionate about Self Healing through Self Expression. Here to help create the New Earth.

  • Knowable Magazine

    Knowable Magazine

    The real-world significance of scholarly work, with forays into wonder and awe.

  • Christian Picciolini

    Christian Picciolini

    🇺🇸 Author of ‘BREAKING HATE’ and ‘WHITE AMERICAN YOUTH’ ✶ @FYRHPodcast + #MotivePodcast

  • Matthew Remski

    Matthew Remski

    Investigative journo: conspirituality & cults. Co-host at Bylines: GEN, The Walrus. More @

  • Patrick M. Davis

    Patrick M. Davis

    Words at Austin Monthly, Texas Music, and the Be Here Now Network.

  • Miroo Kim

    Miroo Kim

    I teach how to be emotionally intelligent to live a life of wellbeing. I am curious about how to design wholehearted life for everyone.

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